anonimous beauty: winner winner chicken dinner! & OOTD

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

winner winner chicken dinner! & OOTD

so this weekend i came home to some very lovely goodies:
i was the winner of Nikki's giveaway!! haha i entered just because, but i definitely did not think i was going to win. surprise surprise =)

the bracelets are so pretty! it came with a little love note too. i love reading notes. i remember in high school, my friends and i used to write notes to each other on cute little stationaries with hello kitties, pichacco, and kerropies and give it to each other in between classes. it's nice getting notes isn't it? it's nice knowing that you were on someone's mind even if it was for a few minutes. 

thanks nikki!!

Outfit Of The Day
(more like outfit of the week? or month? i get lazy with uploading pictures)

this is what i wore to work today. temperature was hitting the 40's(F) so i got excited and whipped out the skirt! shirt & skirt from banana republic outlet. i love the fit of the skirt.. it's of stretchy material so it looks fitting, but comfortable at the same time. looks perfect with the bubbly top.  i usually keep it simple with jewelry and never really wear a bracelet, necklace, earrings, and earrings all at once. so this simple necklace brought out the look a little more. a little word of advice though.. do NOT, do not, do NOT get stockings from CVS!! i wore these stockings for a day and now there's 3 holes and 2 runs on it. maybe that's why it came in two's.

upcoming: i bought a sh*tload of things this past week or so.. so probably will do my first haul. bought some l'oreal lipsticks, my first fake eyelashes, 88 palette, a design brushes, urban decay alice in wonderland eye shadow set, etc etc.. too much to list! since i was so happy to be on the receiving end, i want to share my happiness and would like to host a giveaway eventually! so stay tuneeddddd =)

just wanted to do some ranting before i went to sleep. one of the most annoying things to me is losing a sock when doing laundry. so irritating!! wat am i supposed to do with this one lonely sock now?


  1. Yay! Can't wait to see hauls...

    I love your outfit...what shoes did you match it with?

  2. Aw I'm glad you got it safe, Christina <3333
    hope you like em ^_^ the pearl charm bracelet is my fave <3

    & btw, you look beautiful! i love high waisted skirts hehe :]

    Oh Oh Oh~ before i forget, I have a BB cream Giveaway if you haven't entered yet, feel free to. It's open till March 22

    & I need 10 more followers till my MEGA GIVEAWAY! I've been stocking so much goodies for you guys. so yeah...definitely keep posted for that hehe <3

  3. thanks irene! =) i wore brown boots with them. i wanted to take a pic of the whole outfit, but i have horrible lighting in the living room and i didn't want to wear boots in my room. what a conundrum!

  4. The title of this entry caught my eye "winner winner chicken dinner", reminds me of poker. =X
    Anyways, loving the outfit and can't wait to see what sounds to be a massive haul.


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