anonimous beauty: putting my skin, hair, & style under a magnifier

Thursday, March 04, 2010

putting my skin, hair, & style under a magnifier

hi everyone!! i want to start off with how grateful i am to those that read my blog even though i only started a month or so ago. it keeps me going and it puts a smile on my face when i get a new comment. i love hearing your thoughts, suggestions, and everything in between. blogging is just one of the numerous ways to meet new people and i'm very glad i met you all. although i don't know you guys in real life, i feel like i can relate to all of you.

ok enough of the squishy mushy stuff! so i am preparing to showcase a humungous haul. it is pretty much a pile of things i accumulated over the past month (bags, clothes, makeup). i went shopping-crazy, especially since i started blogging and reading blogs. blogging has fed the shopping monster in me haha. it is no good, but i guess some good can come out of it if i can share it with you guys. i will give the goods and the bads of each purchase and whether or not it was worth the price! before i publicize my buys, i wanted to sort of give you a closer look at the type and history of my skin, hair, and clothing style. this way, it will help you decide whether the products i buy and review might be right for you.

*my beauty bio*
epidermis type: very sensitive and dry. i think the only oil on my face are on top of my eyelids lol. i hardly breakout and when i do, i would get at most 3 pimples at a time so acne is not a problem for me. i have eczema and am allergic to a lot of things such as dust, dogs, and cats. my biggest problem is an uneven skin tone. i usually have red blotches on my face and they are especially apparent if my skin is irritated. therefore, things that i look for in my skincare products are whether it is moisturizing enough, hypoallergenic, and non-irritating. i prefer all the products i use to be natural or organic (please see below for the difference between the two) . my attitude with cosmetics, skincare products, and medicine is the same - the less i have to expose my body to chemicals i can't even pronounce, the better. some brands that i like, use, and have are juice beauty, clinique, egyptian magic, eucerin, and aveeno.
hair type: fine, limp hair. my main problem is that my hair tangles easily and knots up in the nape of my neck. i also don't like how flat my hair can become. i need some OOMPH!! so i am constantly looking for products that will volumize and/or thicken my hair. i have dyed my hair ever since i can remember... probably since high school. i've also permed my hair 3 times. that is probably why my hair is the way it is lol. it is, however, silky and straight.. i guess like most asian hairs? some brands that i like, use, and have are head and shoulders, and pantene pro-v.
makeup type: um.. i guess natural? i hardly wear makeup everyday. my daily makeup routine consists of eyeliner and tinted moisturizer. the main reasons being laziness and that i value those precious few minutes of snoozing way too much. but when i go out at night, i usually do more and start making use of the rest of my makeup. ever since blogging, i started building my makeup collection at the same rate a fat starving boy eats his cake. i have a warm skin tone and yellow/olive skin. i tan very easily in the summer. some brands that i like, use, and have are shiseido, tarte, urban decay, korres, and revlon.
clothing style: hmm i would say comfortable chic? i like simple, but different.. if that makes sense. an example might be a plain long t-shirt i can wear with tights, but with a sequined pocket. i adore details. i think the most important thing i look for in clothing is quality. i need to feel comfortable in my clothes or else they become a one-time use only and end up in the never-wear-again land. the reason is also because of my eczema and certain fabrics can irritate my skin. i realize that when i shop, i do tend to look at the brand names. i do this because there are brands which i am used to wearing and already know how they fit on me and what my size is. i would describe my body type as athletic.. even though i'm not at all active anymore. i have broad shoulders and small hips. i am also tall, skinny, and have long legs (5'5, 120lb). hence, i look for clothing that will make my hips look bigger and bring less attention to my shoulders. i avoid puffy sleeves and love wearing skirts. some brands that i like, use, and have are (prepare for a long list lol) h&m, forever21, michael kors, banana republic, express, and bcbg.

natural vs. organic skincare products: the terms are not interchangeable. the term "natural" is used very freely. just because a product is described as natural, it doesn't mean anything. the term organic is a little bit more regulated, especially when it comes to food. it means that the food/ingredient/item is processed and handled in a special way that doesn't include extra chemicals, pesticides, and etc. i think the safest thing to do is to look at the ingredients list. i try to avoid anything with pthalates, paraben, and talc because these chemicals have been related to cancer. a lot of new products are now paraben-free and/or talc-free. look out for those labels! korres and juice beauty are some examples of brands that i have used and i feel are safe for my skin.

props to those of you that got to this point and actually read everything =) i wish it was more pic-heavy.. but the next entry will definitely make up for this one.

i actually took this pic in the middle of the street on my way to work.. lol and that's not dandruff on my hair btw.. it's snow!! ok until next time!! stay warm <3


  1. I'm happy to have met you too. =]

    I can't wait to see your crazy haul. Sounds very attractive. I love shopping. It's such a horrible addiction. {*HAHA} I think all girls are shopaholics.

    Whoa looking at your descriptions of your skin, hair, and style we have so much in common. My skin is sensitive too! With mini breakouts every now and then but I have a slightly oily T-zone. Wasn't this way until I moved back to Northern Cali. My hair is really fine as well. {*BLEH} but the funny thing is that it has a decent amount of volume because it's so thin. I blow dry my hair. Maybe that's why.
    I'm the same way with make up too. I usually don't use much, bareMinerals, mascara and maybe liner or shadow. I'm lazy and don't find the time in the mornings.

    I think it's interesting you wrote about natural vs. organic. I was thinking about writing a post about this topic. Everyone is crazy about LUSH saying it natural/organic but it isn't organic. It's just more natural ingredients and I feel like some don't realize there are parabens in some of LUSH's products.

    I don't mind that this wasn't a pic heavy entry. I like that I was able to get to know you better.
    You look gorgeous. Love the simple and natural look.

  2. i'm all about snoozing but you can get volume in your hair just by teasing it. takes like 5-10mins. i usually do it before i go to sleep and then in the morning spritz w/ water and comb lightly (not thoroughly)

    products don't usually work for our hair.. or i havent come across any yet..

  3. Hi Hun,

    nice to hear you got the mascara, I hope you like it too :) and with the canmake look I used P&J mascara prime and the canmake mascara and it created that full long lashes :D and the song Im not sure where you can get it at since it just a playlist on :(

  4. I like the VS hoodie but it's only in stores? I haven't seen it or noticed it in stores. =/
    Do you remember how much the hoodie is in stores? Is it from the PINK collection or...? I rarely see VS clothing in stores unless it's from the PINK collection.

    Do you have an email addy I can email you at? I wanted to ask you some stuff. Don't see an email address on your blog so I will just ask here for now. One thing I was curious about is what nationality are you? Seeing that you watch TVB I'm assuming Chinese [?]. Do you speak canto or mandarin?

  5. Dear christina,
    you dropped some comments in my blog but I had to approve them cause they contained a link ;) I did now.. hahha...

    Thanks for commenting, I like your blog as well..
    looking forward to the next one ^_^

    see you!


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