anonimous beauty: geeks and cops are cool.. LOL?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

geeks and cops are cool.. LOL?

RANDOM FIND #1: does anyone watch the show big bang theory?? i think the show is hilarious even though i'm not a religious watcher. i never noticed the t-shirts that the characters wear either until i came upon this site: sheldonshirts. it's a site that is mainly dedicated to finding and sharing where the t-shirts the stars wore on the big bang theory show are sold. it's crazy how creative the human minds are and the things people think of! want to buy a light saber?? check out the "Other Fun Stuff" section.

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LOL! HOT RIGHT?! how cool would it be to rock these heels on halloween? the lights can be turned off and on too! remember when light up sneakers were a fad when you were a kid? these shoes take it to a whole nother level!! i googled tim cooper because he is the designer and i found that they come in white too:
picture from

i was trying to find out where to buy them but i don't think they are being sold. it is just a concept right now. poop!

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shortcuts to the internet language. how lazy can we get??  TTYL and LOL are shortcuts to talktoyoulater and laughoutloud and now there are shortcuts to the shortcuts!! another cool thing about this keyboard is you can switch from an alphabetical layout to the standard qwerty layout. buy it here at fastfingerkeyboards for $30!

all random finds were found on and i discovered this site on irene's blog. i freakin love this site and her blog!


  1. Hey Christina!
    I've sent out your package this week, let me know once you got it.

    hope you like it ^_^


  2. I so remember those shoes that lit up. Wasn't it L.A. something? I use to have a key chain that came with those shoes. HAHA. Memories.

    I think the keyboard is hilarious! "L8R"? hahahah. I don't think I see that very often. But this keyboard is pretty spiffy.

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