anonimous beauty: valentine's day giveaway

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

valentine's day giveaway

who doesn't love free stuff?? maybe only aliens who are too afraid to take free things because they think it'll hurt them. that probably didn't make sense, but my point is -- free things yay!!! so anyway, a blogger who i have recently had the pleasure to meet is having a valetine's day giveaway. i'm not sure why her title is eww it's nikki because it should have been oOo it's nikki.. she's gorgeous and is so good with makeup. she also has a lovely voice. so yes, head on over there and give her a holler to enter the giveaway!

one of the questions nikki asked in her giveaway is.. what is love to you? my answer was (though it may be a bit dramatic, but it is truly what i believe): 
"Love = the sharing of beauty. beauty from the inside (your personality, your morals, your soul) and beauty on the outside (nature, people, laughter, happiness, etc.) Love is being able to share the things that INSPIRE you, the things that make you YOU."

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