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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Justine's Jewelry Review

hi everyone!! it's been awhile since i blogged partly because i've been coming home late from work and i'm addicted to this tvb series "born rich." it's a little over-dramatic and not the best drama but still. guess i'm just easily captivated? so how was your valentine's day/chinese new year/president's day? so much celebration in one weekend! plus it was two of my friends' birthdays. i didn't really do anything special though. just hanging out and spending time with the loved ones was all i needed.

anyway, on to the good stuff! i'm not exactly sure how i found Justine's Swarovski Jewelry, but i'm glad i did or else i would've never gotten such sparkly treasures:
  • let me start with my favorite one: the winter's love affair necklace (deep ocean blue AB swarovski heart garnished with a swarovski pearl and a silver wing charm). they hang on an 18" long chain. it is just so pretty. i love how it's so sparkly and makes any outfit pop. lately, i have been wearing blue a lot. maybe because of this necklace? as a matter of fact, i'm wearing it as i type! *$28
  • key to my heart II - this is such a cute idea! "he who holds the key can unlock my heart" swarovski sapphire AB heart hanging on a key charm and connected by a 17" chain. as you can see, this necklace compared to the winter's love affair has a greenish tint to it, kind of an aqua color. i'm a little sad because when i bought this, this was the only color it came in, but now she's offering a variety of colors (Pink AB, Sapphire AB, Emerald AB, Red AB, Violet AB). red or violet would have been nice. maybe i'll buy another one and use this one for a giveaway? *$19
  • a girl with wings - swarovski pearls with wing charms. so beautifully paired. gives a touch of elegance and sweetness to an outfit. perfect for weddings. *$14
just a note: AB describes a type of coating that is put on swarovski crystals to give it a special look. according to, it stands for "aurora bourealis," which is the effect that the special coating is supposed to give. here is a closer look at the AB side of the crystal:
the first image is not AB and is the shinier side because it reflects light at all angles and on all cuts, but the second (AB) side reflects light only at certain angles on different cuts. hope this is helpful because i didn't know this when i bought it. 

i love how justine packaged the goods too:

she included the best samples too!! korres 3in1 cleansing, toning and eye make-up removing emulsion and starburst gummibursts! haha i actually have been craving to try this candy and now i can. i also love the brand korres because of its natural ingredients. so they were perfect for me.

overall, i will definitely buy more jewelry from justine because not only are the prices reasonable, but so is she. if there's anything wrong at all, she will take care of it. she is such a sweetheart! thanks again justine!! also, i am a little picky when it comes to jewelry because i have eczema and therefore, my skin gets irritated easily. justine's chains, however, are sterling silver and i haven't gotten any reaction from them. the chains aren't, i guess you can say, rough and it doesn't make my neck itch either. so in conclusion, i think justine's jewelry is comfortable, cute, and stylish! FIVE STARS!! (out of five)

disclaimer: i was not asked to do this review. i decided to do it because of how much i love her jewelry and her excellent customer service.


  1. TVB! <3
    I don't get that channel but some of my relatives do and I just love watching the shows whenever I get the chance. My parents just finished "Born Rich"; all I know is that my mom was really annoyed with that series.

    I see why the winter's love affair necklace if your favorite. Very pretty.

  2. Heyy
    Just found your blog and absolutely love it! That necklace is adorable!


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