anonimous beauty: February 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

winner winner chicken dinner! & OOTD

so this weekend i came home to some very lovely goodies:
i was the winner of Nikki's giveaway!! haha i entered just because, but i definitely did not think i was going to win. surprise surprise =)

the bracelets are so pretty! it came with a little love note too. i love reading notes. i remember in high school, my friends and i used to write notes to each other on cute little stationaries with hello kitties, pichacco, and kerropies and give it to each other in between classes. it's nice getting notes isn't it? it's nice knowing that you were on someone's mind even if it was for a few minutes. 

thanks nikki!!

Outfit Of The Day
(more like outfit of the week? or month? i get lazy with uploading pictures)

this is what i wore to work today. temperature was hitting the 40's(F) so i got excited and whipped out the skirt! shirt & skirt from banana republic outlet. i love the fit of the skirt.. it's of stretchy material so it looks fitting, but comfortable at the same time. looks perfect with the bubbly top.  i usually keep it simple with jewelry and never really wear a bracelet, necklace, earrings, and earrings all at once. so this simple necklace brought out the look a little more. a little word of advice though.. do NOT, do not, do NOT get stockings from CVS!! i wore these stockings for a day and now there's 3 holes and 2 runs on it. maybe that's why it came in two's.

upcoming: i bought a sh*tload of things this past week or so.. so probably will do my first haul. bought some l'oreal lipsticks, my first fake eyelashes, 88 palette, a design brushes, urban decay alice in wonderland eye shadow set, etc etc.. too much to list! since i was so happy to be on the receiving end, i want to share my happiness and would like to host a giveaway eventually! so stay tuneeddddd =)

just wanted to do some ranting before i went to sleep. one of the most annoying things to me is losing a sock when doing laundry. so irritating!! wat am i supposed to do with this one lonely sock now?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

geeks and cops are cool.. LOL?

RANDOM FIND #1: does anyone watch the show big bang theory?? i think the show is hilarious even though i'm not a religious watcher. i never noticed the t-shirts that the characters wear either until i came upon this site: sheldonshirts. it's a site that is mainly dedicated to finding and sharing where the t-shirts the stars wore on the big bang theory show are sold. it's crazy how creative the human minds are and the things people think of! want to buy a light saber?? check out the "Other Fun Stuff" section.

  picture from

LOL! HOT RIGHT?! how cool would it be to rock these heels on halloween? the lights can be turned off and on too! remember when light up sneakers were a fad when you were a kid? these shoes take it to a whole nother level!! i googled tim cooper because he is the designer and i found that they come in white too:
picture from

i was trying to find out where to buy them but i don't think they are being sold. it is just a concept right now. poop!

pictures from 

shortcuts to the internet language. how lazy can we get??  TTYL and LOL are shortcuts to talktoyoulater and laughoutloud and now there are shortcuts to the shortcuts!! another cool thing about this keyboard is you can switch from an alphabetical layout to the standard qwerty layout. buy it here at fastfingerkeyboards for $30!

all random finds were found on and i discovered this site on irene's blog. i freakin love this site and her blog!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Justine's Jewelry Review

hi everyone!! it's been awhile since i blogged partly because i've been coming home late from work and i'm addicted to this tvb series "born rich." it's a little over-dramatic and not the best drama but still. guess i'm just easily captivated? so how was your valentine's day/chinese new year/president's day? so much celebration in one weekend! plus it was two of my friends' birthdays. i didn't really do anything special though. just hanging out and spending time with the loved ones was all i needed.

anyway, on to the good stuff! i'm not exactly sure how i found Justine's Swarovski Jewelry, but i'm glad i did or else i would've never gotten such sparkly treasures:
  • let me start with my favorite one: the winter's love affair necklace (deep ocean blue AB swarovski heart garnished with a swarovski pearl and a silver wing charm). they hang on an 18" long chain. it is just so pretty. i love how it's so sparkly and makes any outfit pop. lately, i have been wearing blue a lot. maybe because of this necklace? as a matter of fact, i'm wearing it as i type! *$28
  • key to my heart II - this is such a cute idea! "he who holds the key can unlock my heart" swarovski sapphire AB heart hanging on a key charm and connected by a 17" chain. as you can see, this necklace compared to the winter's love affair has a greenish tint to it, kind of an aqua color. i'm a little sad because when i bought this, this was the only color it came in, but now she's offering a variety of colors (Pink AB, Sapphire AB, Emerald AB, Red AB, Violet AB). red or violet would have been nice. maybe i'll buy another one and use this one for a giveaway? *$19
  • a girl with wings - swarovski pearls with wing charms. so beautifully paired. gives a touch of elegance and sweetness to an outfit. perfect for weddings. *$14
just a note: AB describes a type of coating that is put on swarovski crystals to give it a special look. according to, it stands for "aurora bourealis," which is the effect that the special coating is supposed to give. here is a closer look at the AB side of the crystal:
the first image is not AB and is the shinier side because it reflects light at all angles and on all cuts, but the second (AB) side reflects light only at certain angles on different cuts. hope this is helpful because i didn't know this when i bought it. 

i love how justine packaged the goods too:

she included the best samples too!! korres 3in1 cleansing, toning and eye make-up removing emulsion and starburst gummibursts! haha i actually have been craving to try this candy and now i can. i also love the brand korres because of its natural ingredients. so they were perfect for me.

overall, i will definitely buy more jewelry from justine because not only are the prices reasonable, but so is she. if there's anything wrong at all, she will take care of it. she is such a sweetheart! thanks again justine!! also, i am a little picky when it comes to jewelry because i have eczema and therefore, my skin gets irritated easily. justine's chains, however, are sterling silver and i haven't gotten any reaction from them. the chains aren't, i guess you can say, rough and it doesn't make my neck itch either. so in conclusion, i think justine's jewelry is comfortable, cute, and stylish! FIVE STARS!! (out of five)

disclaimer: i was not asked to do this review. i decided to do it because of how much i love her jewelry and her excellent customer service.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

have a happy day!

hi all, just wanted to make a post to wish you all a happy valentine's day as well as a happy chinese new year! i've been super busy lately so i haven't been blogging as much as i wanted to. i would like to do a review on these 2 necklaces and earrings i bought from Justine very soon. and i just found out i won Nikki's valentine's giveaway!! what a way to start my day right? so i hope everyone will enjoy spending time with their loved ones. relax and bring on the smiles/laughter.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

ruelala's launch my line announced!

for those of you who haven't been following the show "Launch My Line" or RueLaLa, they both teamed up to hold a competition for new aspiring designers to launch their own line to be sold exclusively at ruelala. the winner was announced tonight and Kathy Rose's Native Rose line is now available on ruelala! i was watching the show and was so excited and couldn't wait to buy the zebra tube dress w/pockets but then i was hit with disappointment once i logged into ruelala. it wasn't the same dress that was in the show that i was pining for!!
 (images courtesy of and
is it just me or is it different?? what made me like the dress were the pockets.. you could sort of see them sticking out where the model's right hand is, but the one that is being sold doesn't have pockets at all. also, i think the belt really made the dress and it should have came with the dress especially since it is priced at $150! very very expensive.

this dress is priced at $249. this lady in red dress also looked hott on the runaway, but it looks very different on the site as well. where are the ruffles?? disappointing! some of the other dresses that are being sold on ruelala are:
this outfit actually looks like the one on the runaway, but with the exception of a small detail - the ends of the ropes of the belt. priced at $199
again very different. the one on the runaway is much more flowy and longer in length. priced at $199

some of my other favorites from the last episode were:

these dresses are from DJ Eric Cubeechee's collection. he focuses primarily on clubbing clothes so everything is very sexy and glamorous. i love this ruffle dress. it's simple and sexy. the black dress on the right is INGENIOUS. it has multiple pockets so you don't need to bring a bag to the club! it has a pocket for your credit card, your license, and a pocket specialized for your lip gloss! how awesome is that? 

what were your favorites and what would you have paid money for??

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

valentine's day giveaway

who doesn't love free stuff?? maybe only aliens who are too afraid to take free things because they think it'll hurt them. that probably didn't make sense, but my point is -- free things yay!!! so anyway, a blogger who i have recently had the pleasure to meet is having a valetine's day giveaway. i'm not sure why her title is eww it's nikki because it should have been oOo it's nikki.. she's gorgeous and is so good with makeup. she also has a lovely voice. so yes, head on over there and give her a holler to enter the giveaway!

one of the questions nikki asked in her giveaway is.. what is love to you? my answer was (though it may be a bit dramatic, but it is truly what i believe): 
"Love = the sharing of beauty. beauty from the inside (your personality, your morals, your soul) and beauty on the outside (nature, people, laughter, happiness, etc.) Love is being able to share the things that INSPIRE you, the things that make you YOU."

Monday, February 01, 2010

i came, i saw, i conquered!

hi everyone! i hope your weekend was awesome, making up for the miserable mondays. i have a huge headache right now =( but i really wanted to make a few posts while i have time right now.

(if you're not interested in my weekend, you can skip this paragraph and straight to shopping-related things.. it's ok, i don't mind.)
so my weekend was pretty much filled with fun in racing, mini-golf, shopping, and hanging out with cool bean friends. if you haven't checked out f1 racing (in boston) yet, you should!! such an adrenaline rush. it is pretty much go karts on steroids. i really wish you get more than one race though. it was $40 for one race + a one day license. another place you should check out is monster mini-golf - a good fun hour for only $7.50 (if you are taller than an avg 11 year old that is, but if you're shorter, it's $6.50!!.. pays to be short here). although groupon is featuring it as a side deal today - 4 admissions for $20! btw, i LOVE groupon. it has a new deal everyday in a variety of cities (off the top of my head: new york, boston, chicago, philadelphia, and more). most of the times the deals are on restaurants and spa services, but aside from the awesome deals they feature, what i love most about this site is that it exposes me to different places i never knew about. anyway, get your monster mini-golf (featured in boston) deal today! it's today only.

not so surprisingly, shopping was also on my weekend's agenda. went to natick mall and express was pretty much the first store i conquered. they are having a sale and taking an additional 40% off!! this is probably my favorite, if not second favorite, store ever. i can always find styles to my liking and contrary to what others think, it is not expensive at all. the main reason is because almost everything always goes on sale. my closet can probably be an express store. there were so many cute tops and sweaters that were on sale. here are some snapshots of what i tried on and ended up buying:

i like the detailing of sequences along the sides of the sweater. puts some bam into a simple outfit!
my very first sweater vest. maybe it's the pattern that attracted me and pulled me in like a magnet.
i love this oversized sweater.. makes you look authoritative. definitely catches attention
hmm normally, i don't like animal prints, but this red jaguar printed sweater makes an outfit pop.

the best part was that they were all $11.99!! ah.. i walked out with a huge smile on my face =) nothing beats the feeling of knowing you got your moneys' worth!


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