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Monday, February 01, 2010

i came, i saw, i conquered!

hi everyone! i hope your weekend was awesome, making up for the miserable mondays. i have a huge headache right now =( but i really wanted to make a few posts while i have time right now.

(if you're not interested in my weekend, you can skip this paragraph and straight to shopping-related things.. it's ok, i don't mind.)
so my weekend was pretty much filled with fun in racing, mini-golf, shopping, and hanging out with cool bean friends. if you haven't checked out f1 racing (in boston) yet, you should!! such an adrenaline rush. it is pretty much go karts on steroids. i really wish you get more than one race though. it was $40 for one race + a one day license. another place you should check out is monster mini-golf - a good fun hour for only $7.50 (if you are taller than an avg 11 year old that is, but if you're shorter, it's $6.50!!.. pays to be short here). although groupon is featuring it as a side deal today - 4 admissions for $20! btw, i LOVE groupon. it has a new deal everyday in a variety of cities (off the top of my head: new york, boston, chicago, philadelphia, and more). most of the times the deals are on restaurants and spa services, but aside from the awesome deals they feature, what i love most about this site is that it exposes me to different places i never knew about. anyway, get your monster mini-golf (featured in boston) deal today! it's today only.

not so surprisingly, shopping was also on my weekend's agenda. went to natick mall and express was pretty much the first store i conquered. they are having a sale and taking an additional 40% off!! this is probably my favorite, if not second favorite, store ever. i can always find styles to my liking and contrary to what others think, it is not expensive at all. the main reason is because almost everything always goes on sale. my closet can probably be an express store. there were so many cute tops and sweaters that were on sale. here are some snapshots of what i tried on and ended up buying:

i like the detailing of sequences along the sides of the sweater. puts some bam into a simple outfit!
my very first sweater vest. maybe it's the pattern that attracted me and pulled me in like a magnet.
i love this oversized sweater.. makes you look authoritative. definitely catches attention
hmm normally, i don't like animal prints, but this red jaguar printed sweater makes an outfit pop.

the best part was that they were all $11.99!! ah.. i walked out with a huge smile on my face =) nothing beats the feeling of knowing you got your moneys' worth!


  1. omg i love that oversized sweater <33333 actually i just love anything oversized. besides it being comfortable, it's also highly fashionable these days.

    I LOVE YOUR BLOGS, keep doing yo thang girl :)
    plus, youre totally right up my alley. i love people who know how to get their money's worth <3

    xoxo Nikki

  2. i went to the monster mini-golf over the summer but the connecticut one. its so cool. the one i went to was indoors and glow-in-the dark.

    express is awesome! i always go in there when new clothes is put out and come back like a week later and it's on sale. plus they always have that $15 off $30 promo.

    i love your blogs!

  3. thanks guys!! it's nice to know someone is reading them haha =)

    hi sid! yea the monster mini-golf i went to was the same - with glow in the dark courses too! haha the host there saw me make a hole-in-one and gave me a scarf of tickets lol.

  4. HI~<3 thank you for stopping by! :D
    thx for the fyi hehe :)

    Nice outfits and your iphone pics are so clear compared to mine LOL XD


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