anonimous beauty: 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

where's my mary poppins?

i need a mary poppins in my life!! *snaps fingers.. and ta-da, i'm all packed! ahah if only... so my flight to japan leaves in 8 hours =) hopefully, i didn't forget anything. so tired right now, can't really think. i'm just staring at my computer screen right now lol. but i wanted to make a post to announce i will be MIA for about two-ish weeks. off to Japan & HK.. TONS of pics will most likely appear in the next post.. so stay tuned! <3

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

flower power

agh!! i have been slacking again.. i blame it on work! but worry not, this post is jam packed with a couple of OOTD's and two very recent hauls...

Sephora Haul
i abused the 15% off coupon hahah even though they are holding back this time around because usually it's 20% off.
  • juice beauty cleansing milk *natural & organic certified*
  • peter thomas roth cucumber gel masque
  • evian facial spray to go (travel pack)
  • sephora by OPI nail color in "rumor has it..."
  • skyn iceland's redness relief kit (antioxidant calming serum + the antidote quenching daily lotion) *natural*
  • sephora pure mascara *natural*
  • laura mercer silk creme foundation in "bamboo beige"
  • caudalie vinosource anti-wrinkle nourishing cream for dry skin (for my moms!) *natural*
  • anastasia brow wiz in "medium ash"
  • korres wild rose 24-hr moisturising cream *natural* (was free b/c of the skincare challenge promotion)
i am exploding with excitement! can't wait try to everythingggg. let me know if you want a review on any of these! i have very sensitive and dry skin so all of these products were bought in hopes of changing that.

Korres Haul

  • korres body butter in jasmine
  • korres body milk in vanilla cinnamon
  • korres wild rose foundation in WRF2
  • korres guava lipstick in #13 natural pink (love the color so far!)
  • korres cherry lip gloss in #25 natural purple
  • korres cherry lip gloss in #30 beige
  • korres eyeliner pencil in #2 brown (very dark brown, perfect for a more soft natural look)
  • korres silicone free face primer
all korres products have natural ingredients as well as skin nourishing ingredients, such as vitamin E, C, etc. ahh there aren't enough face washes, mornings, and nights to try all of these in one day!! i would like to thank kate gene b/c i used her 30% off code "KATIE".. saved me lots of mula! you can still use it now. from what i remember, it expires 4/15! but check out her blog b/c every post makes me LOL. she's just hilarious. aside from that, all her reviews are to the point and very truthful.

work outfit: H&M blouse, the Limited skirt, random belt, <3 ruffles

one of my favorite outfits for work: Express top, The Limited skirt, Kenneth Cole necklace

 flower power!! next to my jammies hanging off the chair lol. can you see my desk behind me? it's so messy b/c i'm always rushing in the morning and throwing things back on my desk. oh god i don't even know where to put all the new stuff i got today. there's no room!! so although i wore it to work that day, it's something i would wear to go out on a day-to-day basis too. however, i would prefer to wear shorts or jeans with it. the shirt was bought from a boutique called "Lit" in Boston. the brand on the tag is called "Ya" lol i can't find it online so i guess just look out for it if you're shopping at your local boutique next time? very comfy!

poppin that collar - oh yea! this jacket is just that cool. this wasn't really an OOTD, but i just wanted to show an awesome buy from H&M - a light-weight cotton jacket for $20!

ok so that's it for now.. probably won't have time to do another blog post for another 3 weeks ;x going to on an 18-hr flight to Japan on Monday wahooooooo!! then off to HK for a few days. i wonder if i can use my iphone overseas w/o being charged $8238493.. ? if so, follow me on twitter cause then it's like you're travelling with me since i will definitely be taking random pics as i am enjoying myself there =) i also tweet my OOTD's almost daily!

let me know if you're interested in any reviews! will get to it once i come back. ok off to shower and use some of these goodies now! <3

edit// GIVEAWAY i just wanted to share this giveaway with everyone. do u guys already have a purse hanger?? i know i always wanted to get one cause i'm a germaphobic and i don't like putting my bags on germ-filled floors.. especially in the bathroom! i usually make my bf or friend hold it, but still there are times wen i go to the public restroom alone and i have no clue where to put it. such a dilemma. but worry no more because Erica from Fashion Meets Food is hosting a giveaway for the following product:

so pretty. it would match my bag right now... and this is how it would be used:
it's about $20 on Joey Junior's site, but they're having a Mother's Day promotion right now, so it's 25% off and fs with $30+.  if you're interested in Erica's giveaway, please enter --> here! <--

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

you know you're getting older when...

ahh sorry mr. blog!! i have neglected you for quite a while. i've been incredibly busy with work and planning my birthday weekend. speaking of which, it was so funny to find out that Serena, Lady Gaga, and I have the same birthday! so happy belated birthday to US! the weather's been ugly lately too with rain, wind, and just plain coldness so i wasn't able to take my camera out to play. that's a big pooper. though i do have a few random pics to share!

i was SO touched when i walked home in the pouring rain to this:
LOL the UPS guy/gal was thoughtful enough to protect my precious package from the evil rain! how in the world do you find a UPS guy/gal to thank him/her??? i love people who do more than just what their job description says. you guys make the world go round. this UPS stranger definitely made my day. i know that the UPS stranger will never read this, but if you know a UPS person in Boston that delivered packages to Newton on the rainy day of 3/29/10.. please link him/her to this blog entry because i really do want to thank him/her and let them know that they did more than just put a smile on my face.

here's another surprise i got today..
near the end of a tiring day at work, my awesome coworkers sprung this on me along with a good ole' birthday song. haha my 3rd cake within 3 days, but twas so mMmm mm good. what really made me laugh was the card because of how they almost know me so well. and i say almost, because it is in my nature to never abandon a cake and to have the cake, shop, and eat it too. i am definitely feeling the love around me <3.

i just can't believe i have already lived 24 years of my life. as i reflect back, there are things that i realized are different as we all get older. so i wanted to make a list and see if you guys feel it too.

you are getting old if...
  1. the weather is no longer your friend. you no longer jump in joy when you hear a snowstorm is coming - it will mean a sucky commute to work and/or your car will need to be shoveled out. running and splashing in the rain is no longer on your agenda. awesome sunny days suck too because you are stuck at work.. ugh!
  2. comfort > beauty. i learned that it is not worth looking pretty if you can't breathe in the xxxs top or walk in the 4 inch heels. 
  3. you can no longer hang. pulling all nighters used to be fun! now i can't even keep my eyes open past 12AM.
  4. lounging at home with take-out and a movie is much more appealing than going to a bar often times...
  5. you get excited when you're reminded of things from your childhood. ex: tamagotchi's, duck hunt!!
  6. the clothes you wear now have more fabric! no more short shorts, mini tank tops, low rise jeans. there are exceptions though.. clubbing still = dresses/skirts above the knee!
  7. you start liking things you didn't like as a kid. ex: veggies, staying home
  8. i'm not sure if it is just me, but i like my food and drinks less sweet now.
  9. your to-do-list seems to keep getting longer and longer. there's always the never-ending bills to pay, and errands to run.
  10. hanging out with your friends seem increasingly harder the older we get because of everyone's busy lives and conflicting schedules.. but good friends will always make time for each other. 
 image from

 image from
    did you used to play with tamagotchi's and duck hunt?? LOL i played it in real life recently with a shotgun. you get to shoot discs just like in duckhunt! so what do you think?  is it true for you? what are other things that you've noticed??

      Thursday, March 18, 2010

      the blues ain't got nothing on me!

      HAPPY belated ST. PATTY'S DAY!
      this was never really a holiday i observed or celebrated and it still isn't lol. the only thing i did was wear green (after my roomate told me to change), drink two sips of beer, and buy lucky charms cereal!

      so i just wanted to do a quick post of an OOTD since it was so darn nice out yesterday that i wanted to take my camera out to play. i also stumbled upon H&M's the blues contest a little late, with only 2 days remaining. but looking at all the entries inspired me to enter and it was also because my closet is dominated with blues after my blue streak so it wouldn't be hard to just pick something out.
       esprit jacket, H&M top, zara shorts, payless shoes, helena de natalio bag

      at first, it was me, my camera, and the garbage can that contributed to the pics, but then my roomate came home just in time and was able to take pictures for me! haha it was fun to pretend to be a model for 5 minutes. i'm still trying to submit a picture to lookbook for the contest, but i need an invitation code to join. does anyone have one for me? it would be greatly appreciated!

      so what did you guys do for st. patty's day? and what's your favorite color to wear?

      i was tagged by the lovely serena to do the "there's me tag." ok time's a wasting.. so here we go!

      Three names I go by:
      1. Christina
      2. Chris
      3. Cookie Monster
      lol there's actually a lot but i guess those are the top three

      Three jobs I have had:
      1. Ice Cream Seller? not sure what to call the position, but all i know is i made little children and adults alike happy in the summer! (at Haagen Daz and Chinatown Ice Cream Factory)
      2. Waitress (UNO's)
      3. the Asian that was stuffed in the back of the stockroom @ Abercrombie.. i would say this was the worst job i've ever had lol

      Three places I have lived:
      1. Brooklyn, NY
      2. Stony Brook, NY
      3. and now i'm currently in Boston, MA

      Three favorite drinks:
      1. Thai Iced Tea
      2. Avocado Milkshake/Papaya Milkshake.. couldn't choose between them
      3. Ginseng Tea with honey
      i guess these are my favorites right now, but they always change. i'm the kind of person that likes variety.. especially in food

      Three TV shows I watch:
      1. Desperate Housewives
      2. How I Met Your Mother
      3. Millionaire Matchmaker
      i don't watch tv that much now, so there are no tv shows atm that i've been watching every episode of.. these are just the top 3 shows i would turn to if i saw it on

      Three places I have been:
      1. California
      2. England
      3. Shanghai
      one of the million pictures i took in shanghai.. so pretty!

      one of the things i miss most.. SHABU SHABU.. i'm drooling right now
      <3 traveling

      Three places I would like to visit:
      1. Japan
      2. Africa
      3. Australia
      <3 traveling 

      Three people who text me regularly:
      1. BF
      2. Friend1
      3. Friend2
      lol BF is probably the only one that really texts me

      Three favorite old TV shows
      1. Recess! (the cartoon)
      2. Jackie Chan (the cartoon).. lol i dunno if that was the title of the show
      3. Friends

      Three favorite dishes: (this one is too hard just to put 3!) <-- i agreeee!! who would even think of this Q?
      1. Sushi- sashimi > rolls but love both <-- lol i will just leave this as it is
      2. Pho!!
      3. um soup.. lol just give me any kind of soup.. thanks!

      Three makeup products I cannot live without:
      1. eyeliner
      2. Foundation [because it can be used as a concealer as well] <--- agree!
      3. ?
      to be honest, i only have 2 that i can really not live with out

      Three things I'm looking forward too:
      1. having a grand ole time with my favoritest people in the world next friday night! hopefully i will not be carried out by a bouncer or falling off tables this time lol. (it will be my birthday weekend :D)
      2. moving back home...
      3. Warmer weather so there will be more day play dates. <--- agree!! lol i bought so much summer/spring clothes lately.. so bring on the sun!!

      you''ve been tagged!!
      i feel like doing this right now lol.. good night!

      Wednesday, March 10, 2010

      you are beautiful

      YAY two awards in one week! haha i feel so loved =) both from the lovely serena. thanks girlie!

      1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award.
      2. Put the award on your blog
      3. Link the person who nominated you.
      4. Share 7 ‘interesting’ facts about yourself.
      5. Nominate 7 other bloggers.

      interesting fact #1 - i am a rice girl! other than the fact that i love to eat rice and am asian.. i also drive a red subaru hahah. it was my first car and i love it to death even though it is falling apart on me. i should really treat it to a car spa more often..
       like my hot ride? haha just add some bird poop, lots of salt stains, and tons of scratches and that's how my car looks like.

      interesting fact #2 -
       picture taken from google images
      it was christmas. i was little. probably 7 years old. my mom said i wasn't getting a present from santa this year because i've been a bad girl. i cried. then i started hating on santa =( it still hurts a little. lesson? moms shouldn't lie!!

      interesting fact #3 - i went studying abroad in Shanghai, China in college and it was one of the best things i've done in my life. i think EVERYONE should go study abroad! i actually went with my boyfriend and was shocked that i was able to endure his face 24/7 for a month! lol seriously, we literally were with each other every minute of the days we were there. we woke up together, we snoozed in class together, we brushed our teeths together, we ate deliciously cheap food together, etc., etc. i miss Shanghai!! especially the KFC and hot pot restaurant there. KFC had awesome mushroom soup and egg tarts lol.
       oh how i miss thee!! i usually don't eat egg tarts, but these have flipped me into a tart lover.

      interesting fact #4 - i am one of those organized messy people. you know what i mean? if you walked into my room, you would think "dam, what a pig!" but i'm organized in the fact that i know exactly where everything is.. until you touch or move something. i'm a little anal like that and don't like people touching my stuff. BUT i do have occasional periods where i clean like crazy and everything looks all nice and neat for maybe a day or two because i managed to find a new location to hide piles of stuff. i have WAY too much stuff and no space for it.. therefore i appear messy and i NEED a walk-in closet. ahh.. one day! sometimes when i watch the show about hoarders.. i feel a little worried.

      interesting fact #5 - it seems that i will be going to Japan & Hong Kong soon, weee!! i can't wait! i am looking forward to these crazy kitkat flavors:
      image from check out the site for MORE crazy flavors!

      i am leaving 4/15. has anyone ever been? if you have been, i would love some traveling tips from you! you can email me via too =) what other cool things should i look out for besides cherry blossom kitkats??

      interesting fact #6 - i have a worm in my stomach. i really think so. i am in love with food and eat very frequently. i consume probably 20000 calories a day. i eat when i'm hungry, when something that i never tried before looks delicious, when i'm bored, when i'm happy, when i'm sad, and especially when the food is free!

      interesting fact #7 - maybe it's because i work in this field, but i always have this fear that i will have cancer. i remember watching baywatch and there was this episode that this girl (forgot her name) was having a picnic with her bf, who is a doctor, and then the bf suddenly realizes she has a big mole on her calf. he suggested to get it tested and as it turns out, it indicated that she had cancer. ever since then i was so afraid because i have that same mole on my calf! and it's pretty big too. then recently, i saw a small mole on the palm of my hand that i never seen before and got nervous. i went to the doc and they said it wasn't anything i should be worried about, but still! i worry. paranoid much?

      i know one of the blog award rules is to tag 7 people, but i really think you are all beautiful in your own unique style. so if you're reading this.. I TAG YOU!!

      GIVEAWAYS WOOHOO! (wishing one of them was a hawaii trip right now.. but these are just as good too!)
      on a side note, one of my beautiful bloggers is having a giveaway. now, i normally don't wear nail polishes, but her giveaway is making me want to snatch it and paint it on my nails right this instant. the color is so pretty!
      please check out fashion meets food don't you adore this title?

      another beautiful blogger with the name of kate gene is giving away a set of honeycat cosmetics. it would absolutely be the frosting to my cake to have a sweet potatie pie bubble bath right now!

      you are my sunshine

      oh man i can watch the millionaire matchmaker all day!! patty's HILARIOUSSS.. i love how brutally honest she is lol. there was this girl being interviewed to potentially date a millionaire and she was blonde with tons of makeup and a really short boob-showing dress. patty goes.. "are you a whore?" hahah she always says what everyone is thinking with no shame. love itt. do you guys watch it?? i'm watching it as i am blogging =P

      OOTW (outfit of the weekend!)
      weather in NYC was gorgeouss! it was in the 50's. i think my ideal weather would be all sunshine and between the high 60's and 70's - not too hot and not too cold! so of course the beaming sunshine calls for a dress!
       both the jacket and sweater dress was from H&M. brown boots from nine west.
      my camera is getting sucky. it's only good when i take pictures using natural sunlight. so sorry for the bad picture! will invest in a better camera soon.

      so part of my haul showcase was this bag from helena de natalio. since i wore it this weekend, i thought i should post it at the same time and ask you for your opinion. so here it is!
      lol the second pic looks like i'm about to do the herbal essences commercial. the third pic, i have a retarded face. BUT the bag looks good in the pics and that's all that matters! it's called "sofita" and it can be worn in 1 of 2 ways. 1 - like a crossbody bag, which is the way i wore it in the pics. 2 - the handle can be folded over and made shorter so that it's like a regular handbag. it's usually about $400 when i first saw it in a bag boutique called "blue bag" in soho. but then i saw it on beyond the rack for $199 and got excited.. so of course i bought it! when i first got it though, i noticed a huge scratch on it..
      and i've been thinking for a week whether or not to return it. they don't have anymore of these bags so i can't exchange. i am leaning towards returning it because it is a huge noticeable war scar but the more i use it, the more i am falling in love with the bag. it is made of incredibly soft leather and i usually overstuff my bags so sometimes it looks weird being overstuffed, but this bag still looks good and is very comfortable to wear. i dunno! what should i dooooo?? what do you think? to keep or not to keep?

      "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
      You make me happy when skies are gray
      in my world, there is more than just one sun. i am grateful for the many things that brighten my life. a big big THANKS to serena for my first blog award! it means a lot to me and i really am glad we met in this humungous blogging world!
      1. Post the logo on your Blog
      2. Pass it to 12 bloggers that inspire you!
      3. Link the bloggers and let them know!!

      the 12 beautiful bloggers that inspire me with each and every post: 
      2 - steph from DSK Jewelry
      3 - nikki from ewwitsnikki
      4 - erica from fashion meets food 
      5 - jen from frm head to toe
      6 - holly from holly ann-aeree
      7 - katie from katiengo
      8 - h from lalacupcake
      9 - serena from serenadeveryday
      10 - irene from pink hearted princess
      11 - ree from thoughts
      12 - katie from katiegene

      a lot of you already got the award, but still.. you all inspire me by your beauty, determination (to make very frequent posts.. i feel like even my weekly posts take so much time!), and intelligence. i learn something everyday from each one of you every time i read your posts. i wish i had more time in a day to be able to comment on your blogs, but do know that you make a difference in my everyday life.

      Thursday, March 04, 2010

      putting my skin, hair, & style under a magnifier

      hi everyone!! i want to start off with how grateful i am to those that read my blog even though i only started a month or so ago. it keeps me going and it puts a smile on my face when i get a new comment. i love hearing your thoughts, suggestions, and everything in between. blogging is just one of the numerous ways to meet new people and i'm very glad i met you all. although i don't know you guys in real life, i feel like i can relate to all of you.

      ok enough of the squishy mushy stuff! so i am preparing to showcase a humungous haul. it is pretty much a pile of things i accumulated over the past month (bags, clothes, makeup). i went shopping-crazy, especially since i started blogging and reading blogs. blogging has fed the shopping monster in me haha. it is no good, but i guess some good can come out of it if i can share it with you guys. i will give the goods and the bads of each purchase and whether or not it was worth the price! before i publicize my buys, i wanted to sort of give you a closer look at the type and history of my skin, hair, and clothing style. this way, it will help you decide whether the products i buy and review might be right for you.

      *my beauty bio*
      epidermis type: very sensitive and dry. i think the only oil on my face are on top of my eyelids lol. i hardly breakout and when i do, i would get at most 3 pimples at a time so acne is not a problem for me. i have eczema and am allergic to a lot of things such as dust, dogs, and cats. my biggest problem is an uneven skin tone. i usually have red blotches on my face and they are especially apparent if my skin is irritated. therefore, things that i look for in my skincare products are whether it is moisturizing enough, hypoallergenic, and non-irritating. i prefer all the products i use to be natural or organic (please see below for the difference between the two) . my attitude with cosmetics, skincare products, and medicine is the same - the less i have to expose my body to chemicals i can't even pronounce, the better. some brands that i like, use, and have are juice beauty, clinique, egyptian magic, eucerin, and aveeno.
      hair type: fine, limp hair. my main problem is that my hair tangles easily and knots up in the nape of my neck. i also don't like how flat my hair can become. i need some OOMPH!! so i am constantly looking for products that will volumize and/or thicken my hair. i have dyed my hair ever since i can remember... probably since high school. i've also permed my hair 3 times. that is probably why my hair is the way it is lol. it is, however, silky and straight.. i guess like most asian hairs? some brands that i like, use, and have are head and shoulders, and pantene pro-v.
      makeup type: um.. i guess natural? i hardly wear makeup everyday. my daily makeup routine consists of eyeliner and tinted moisturizer. the main reasons being laziness and that i value those precious few minutes of snoozing way too much. but when i go out at night, i usually do more and start making use of the rest of my makeup. ever since blogging, i started building my makeup collection at the same rate a fat starving boy eats his cake. i have a warm skin tone and yellow/olive skin. i tan very easily in the summer. some brands that i like, use, and have are shiseido, tarte, urban decay, korres, and revlon.
      clothing style: hmm i would say comfortable chic? i like simple, but different.. if that makes sense. an example might be a plain long t-shirt i can wear with tights, but with a sequined pocket. i adore details. i think the most important thing i look for in clothing is quality. i need to feel comfortable in my clothes or else they become a one-time use only and end up in the never-wear-again land. the reason is also because of my eczema and certain fabrics can irritate my skin. i realize that when i shop, i do tend to look at the brand names. i do this because there are brands which i am used to wearing and already know how they fit on me and what my size is. i would describe my body type as athletic.. even though i'm not at all active anymore. i have broad shoulders and small hips. i am also tall, skinny, and have long legs (5'5, 120lb). hence, i look for clothing that will make my hips look bigger and bring less attention to my shoulders. i avoid puffy sleeves and love wearing skirts. some brands that i like, use, and have are (prepare for a long list lol) h&m, forever21, michael kors, banana republic, express, and bcbg.

      natural vs. organic skincare products: the terms are not interchangeable. the term "natural" is used very freely. just because a product is described as natural, it doesn't mean anything. the term organic is a little bit more regulated, especially when it comes to food. it means that the food/ingredient/item is processed and handled in a special way that doesn't include extra chemicals, pesticides, and etc. i think the safest thing to do is to look at the ingredients list. i try to avoid anything with pthalates, paraben, and talc because these chemicals have been related to cancer. a lot of new products are now paraben-free and/or talc-free. look out for those labels! korres and juice beauty are some examples of brands that i have used and i feel are safe for my skin.

      props to those of you that got to this point and actually read everything =) i wish it was more pic-heavy.. but the next entry will definitely make up for this one.

      i actually took this pic in the middle of the street on my way to work.. lol and that's not dandruff on my hair btw.. it's snow!! ok until next time!! stay warm <3

      Wednesday, February 24, 2010

      winner winner chicken dinner! & OOTD

      so this weekend i came home to some very lovely goodies:
      i was the winner of Nikki's giveaway!! haha i entered just because, but i definitely did not think i was going to win. surprise surprise =)

      the bracelets are so pretty! it came with a little love note too. i love reading notes. i remember in high school, my friends and i used to write notes to each other on cute little stationaries with hello kitties, pichacco, and kerropies and give it to each other in between classes. it's nice getting notes isn't it? it's nice knowing that you were on someone's mind even if it was for a few minutes. 

      thanks nikki!!

      Outfit Of The Day
      (more like outfit of the week? or month? i get lazy with uploading pictures)

      this is what i wore to work today. temperature was hitting the 40's(F) so i got excited and whipped out the skirt! shirt & skirt from banana republic outlet. i love the fit of the skirt.. it's of stretchy material so it looks fitting, but comfortable at the same time. looks perfect with the bubbly top.  i usually keep it simple with jewelry and never really wear a bracelet, necklace, earrings, and earrings all at once. so this simple necklace brought out the look a little more. a little word of advice though.. do NOT, do not, do NOT get stockings from CVS!! i wore these stockings for a day and now there's 3 holes and 2 runs on it. maybe that's why it came in two's.

      upcoming: i bought a sh*tload of things this past week or so.. so probably will do my first haul. bought some l'oreal lipsticks, my first fake eyelashes, 88 palette, a design brushes, urban decay alice in wonderland eye shadow set, etc etc.. too much to list! since i was so happy to be on the receiving end, i want to share my happiness and would like to host a giveaway eventually! so stay tuneeddddd =)

      just wanted to do some ranting before i went to sleep. one of the most annoying things to me is losing a sock when doing laundry. so irritating!! wat am i supposed to do with this one lonely sock now?

      Wednesday, February 17, 2010

      geeks and cops are cool.. LOL?

      RANDOM FIND #1: does anyone watch the show big bang theory?? i think the show is hilarious even though i'm not a religious watcher. i never noticed the t-shirts that the characters wear either until i came upon this site: sheldonshirts. it's a site that is mainly dedicated to finding and sharing where the t-shirts the stars wore on the big bang theory show are sold. it's crazy how creative the human minds are and the things people think of! want to buy a light saber?? check out the "Other Fun Stuff" section.

      RANDOM FIND #2:
        picture from

      LOL! HOT RIGHT?! how cool would it be to rock these heels on halloween? the lights can be turned off and on too! remember when light up sneakers were a fad when you were a kid? these shoes take it to a whole nother level!! i googled tim cooper because he is the designer and i found that they come in white too:
      picture from

      i was trying to find out where to buy them but i don't think they are being sold. it is just a concept right now. poop!

      RANDOM FIND #3:
      pictures from 

      shortcuts to the internet language. how lazy can we get??  TTYL and LOL are shortcuts to talktoyoulater and laughoutloud and now there are shortcuts to the shortcuts!! another cool thing about this keyboard is you can switch from an alphabetical layout to the standard qwerty layout. buy it here at fastfingerkeyboards for $30!

      all random finds were found on and i discovered this site on irene's blog. i freakin love this site and her blog!

      Tuesday, February 16, 2010

      Justine's Jewelry Review

      hi everyone!! it's been awhile since i blogged partly because i've been coming home late from work and i'm addicted to this tvb series "born rich." it's a little over-dramatic and not the best drama but still. guess i'm just easily captivated? so how was your valentine's day/chinese new year/president's day? so much celebration in one weekend! plus it was two of my friends' birthdays. i didn't really do anything special though. just hanging out and spending time with the loved ones was all i needed.

      anyway, on to the good stuff! i'm not exactly sure how i found Justine's Swarovski Jewelry, but i'm glad i did or else i would've never gotten such sparkly treasures:
      • let me start with my favorite one: the winter's love affair necklace (deep ocean blue AB swarovski heart garnished with a swarovski pearl and a silver wing charm). they hang on an 18" long chain. it is just so pretty. i love how it's so sparkly and makes any outfit pop. lately, i have been wearing blue a lot. maybe because of this necklace? as a matter of fact, i'm wearing it as i type! *$28
      • key to my heart II - this is such a cute idea! "he who holds the key can unlock my heart" swarovski sapphire AB heart hanging on a key charm and connected by a 17" chain. as you can see, this necklace compared to the winter's love affair has a greenish tint to it, kind of an aqua color. i'm a little sad because when i bought this, this was the only color it came in, but now she's offering a variety of colors (Pink AB, Sapphire AB, Emerald AB, Red AB, Violet AB). red or violet would have been nice. maybe i'll buy another one and use this one for a giveaway? *$19
      • a girl with wings - swarovski pearls with wing charms. so beautifully paired. gives a touch of elegance and sweetness to an outfit. perfect for weddings. *$14
      just a note: AB describes a type of coating that is put on swarovski crystals to give it a special look. according to, it stands for "aurora bourealis," which is the effect that the special coating is supposed to give. here is a closer look at the AB side of the crystal:
      the first image is not AB and is the shinier side because it reflects light at all angles and on all cuts, but the second (AB) side reflects light only at certain angles on different cuts. hope this is helpful because i didn't know this when i bought it. 

      i love how justine packaged the goods too:

      she included the best samples too!! korres 3in1 cleansing, toning and eye make-up removing emulsion and starburst gummibursts! haha i actually have been craving to try this candy and now i can. i also love the brand korres because of its natural ingredients. so they were perfect for me.

      overall, i will definitely buy more jewelry from justine because not only are the prices reasonable, but so is she. if there's anything wrong at all, she will take care of it. she is such a sweetheart! thanks again justine!! also, i am a little picky when it comes to jewelry because i have eczema and therefore, my skin gets irritated easily. justine's chains, however, are sterling silver and i haven't gotten any reaction from them. the chains aren't, i guess you can say, rough and it doesn't make my neck itch either. so in conclusion, i think justine's jewelry is comfortable, cute, and stylish! FIVE STARS!! (out of five)

      disclaimer: i was not asked to do this review. i decided to do it because of how much i love her jewelry and her excellent customer service.


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