anonimous beauty: ruelala's launch my line announced!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

ruelala's launch my line announced!

for those of you who haven't been following the show "Launch My Line" or RueLaLa, they both teamed up to hold a competition for new aspiring designers to launch their own line to be sold exclusively at ruelala. the winner was announced tonight and Kathy Rose's Native Rose line is now available on ruelala! i was watching the show and was so excited and couldn't wait to buy the zebra tube dress w/pockets but then i was hit with disappointment once i logged into ruelala. it wasn't the same dress that was in the show that i was pining for!!
 (images courtesy of and
is it just me or is it different?? what made me like the dress were the pockets.. you could sort of see them sticking out where the model's right hand is, but the one that is being sold doesn't have pockets at all. also, i think the belt really made the dress and it should have came with the dress especially since it is priced at $150! very very expensive.

this dress is priced at $249. this lady in red dress also looked hott on the runaway, but it looks very different on the site as well. where are the ruffles?? disappointing! some of the other dresses that are being sold on ruelala are:
this outfit actually looks like the one on the runaway, but with the exception of a small detail - the ends of the ropes of the belt. priced at $199
again very different. the one on the runaway is much more flowy and longer in length. priced at $199

some of my other favorites from the last episode were:

these dresses are from DJ Eric Cubeechee's collection. he focuses primarily on clubbing clothes so everything is very sexy and glamorous. i love this ruffle dress. it's simple and sexy. the black dress on the right is INGENIOUS. it has multiple pockets so you don't need to bring a bag to the club! it has a pocket for your credit card, your license, and a pocket specialized for your lip gloss! how awesome is that? 

what were your favorites and what would you have paid money for??


  1. my favorite is you which would i have paid a very high price for

  2. omg hey girl, i'm sooo sorry for getting back to you late =/ I totally didn't realize you commented on that blogpost anyway thanks so much for following and i am as well (:

  3. Hi there :)
    Just wanna let you know that YOU HAVE WON MY MINI VALENTINES DAY GIVEAWAY~

    CONGRATS <3333

    please email me your name & mailing address at:

    I'll send the items as soon as I get your address

    xoxo Nikki


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