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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

sales, deals, discounts, savings.. oh my!

since some time ago, i vowed to never pay full price for anything unless it was a) an emergency, b) i can't live without it, or c) i just absolutely needed it now. i guess they could've all been put into the category of something-i-need-now-and-cannot-wait-another-minute-for, but you get my point. the reason for such a promise to myself is because first off, every store always ends up having sales of some sort. you ever get the buyer's remorse after seeing something you bought go on sale?? (and it's too late to get a price adjustment on it!) it's depressing. sales occur every season, when stores are trying to make room for their new inventory. and it's not like winter sales only occur after winter. they are often happening in the early-mid seasons. take the current winter sale happening at the moment... actually it is on its verge of ending and we still have about 2 months of polar bear weather to endure. secondly, almost every store has promotions from time to time ranging from free gifts with a purchase to $$money$$ off a purchase. the only connector between these is timing - knowing when. i often find myself searching on the great Internet looking for these deals, coupons, promotions and whatnot and it seems like they are never in one place. so this is where i come in... the milisecond i find out about an opportunity to save big bucks, i will announce it and you will be in the know. all you have to do is follow me on twitter and sync it with your blackberry, iphone, palmpre, or whatever phone is cool these days. i promise i won't let you down! from time to time, i will spill my confessions as a shopaholic too and any worth going to event around Boston and NY.

so here are some tips i learned throughout my shopping lifespan on how to never buy things at retail price:
1) 24/7 online sample sales! these are sites that hold a variety of sample sales everyday and are always sold for a fraction of the price. this is pretty much the only online shopping i do now. most of the brands i see on these sites are: nine west, kenneth cole, cole haan, free people, hype, gucci, chanel, and so so much more. my favorite online sample sale sites are listed on the left panel with invites. most of these sites are invitation only. i admit i get $10-20 credit for each new member that purchases something, but i genuinely love these sites so much that i wanted to let you know about them. it's actually worse for me because now i will have more competition when it comes to each sample sale opening! (these sites have their sample sales open at a specific time, either 11AM or 12PM and all the good things are often sold out within the MINUTE!) i believe that if you are loyal to a specific brand, you might as well get it at a highly discounted price and still get the same quality as you would if you bought it in let's say bloomingdales. not only do these sites host sales on clothing, accessories, and such, but they have sales on home goods, services (such as massages), and travel (but those are always high-end and expensive).
2) shop at chains that specialize in selling high quality brand names at discounted prices the most popular as well as my favorite chains are TJ Max and Marshalls, which are under the same company and the prices are the same. Cole Haan glasses for $20! Samsonite spinner luggages for $60! i love going to these stores to see what new treasures i would find. the way these companies work is that they buy items from department stores that are looking to get rid of their extra inventory at a bargain price. that is how they are able to sell it for a much lower price. if you'd like to read more on how they work and how these companies started, click here.
3) sign up for e-mails, newsletters, catalogues! do you have a favorite store you always go to? it is smart to sign up for their e-mails and catalogues because companies like to keep their customers' loyalty by sending them coupons and special offers. also, many stores now offer reward cards (not credit cards). if you buy a lot from them anyway, might as well make sure they keep track of it and let them know who is a loyal customer. that way, you will be rewarded.
4) find an outlet near you outlets always have great buys and even outlets have sales and coupons! if you are planning to go to an outlet, don't forget to visit their website and see what sales are going on. also, google "printable coupons" and click on the first link that pops up. this blog always have updated lists of coupons to print out and use. most outlets have coupon books that you can pick up at their information center too. in boston, the closest outlet is Wrentham and to get a coupon book there, you need a student ID or AAA card. you can also ask nicely and most of the times, they will give it to you anyway. in NY, the closest outlet is Woodbury Commons. there is also a Tanger Outlet in long island.
5) there is a time and a place for every buy consumer reports created a calendar to help guide you when the 'right time" to buy a certain item is. certain products are sold at a lower price during a certain time of the year because of its low demands. don't forget to take advantage of holiday sales too!
6) keep updated with bargain sites sites like dealnews, dealsea, edealinfo, and slickdeals are always on the lookout for deals and everyday there are a stream of deals that are posted. but like i said, it is time consuming to look at so many sites for deals and discounts. so if you trust me, follow me on twitter and i'll let you know what deals/discounts/coupons are worth it.
7) don't throw away your student ID a lot of stores offer student discounts if you just show them your school ID. stores like J.Crew (i believe it was 10% off) and TopShop (20% off located in soho) offer student discounts.
8) keep your reciepts you never know when a store will suddenly have a sale or an even bigger sale after you went shopping. most stores offer price adjustments within 14 days of purchase. check their website or call to ask about their price adjustment policy.

i hope these tips will help you looking fabulous and at the same time sparing your wallet. and i would love to know if you have any other tips that weren't mentioned as well.


  1. hey there lovely!
    thanks for stopping by and leaving me a sweet comment <3 i really appriciate it! i love reading comments hehe! anyways, i really love this post because i love bargain shopping too! sales are the best! ohh esp. getting freebies <3 those are loooveee!

    btw, if you are interested...i'm currently having a $10 and below blog sale & also a valentines day giveaway. please check it out ^_^

    oh~ and i'm your new blog follower :)

  2. Pretty! This has been a really wonderful post. Thank you for providing these details.


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