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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

you know you're getting older when...

ahh sorry mr. blog!! i have neglected you for quite a while. i've been incredibly busy with work and planning my birthday weekend. speaking of which, it was so funny to find out that Serena, Lady Gaga, and I have the same birthday! so happy belated birthday to US! the weather's been ugly lately too with rain, wind, and just plain coldness so i wasn't able to take my camera out to play. that's a big pooper. though i do have a few random pics to share!

i was SO touched when i walked home in the pouring rain to this:
LOL the UPS guy/gal was thoughtful enough to protect my precious package from the evil rain! how in the world do you find a UPS guy/gal to thank him/her??? i love people who do more than just what their job description says. you guys make the world go round. this UPS stranger definitely made my day. i know that the UPS stranger will never read this, but if you know a UPS person in Boston that delivered packages to Newton on the rainy day of 3/29/10.. please link him/her to this blog entry because i really do want to thank him/her and let them know that they did more than just put a smile on my face.

here's another surprise i got today..
near the end of a tiring day at work, my awesome coworkers sprung this on me along with a good ole' birthday song. haha my 3rd cake within 3 days, but twas so mMmm mm good. what really made me laugh was the card because of how they almost know me so well. and i say almost, because it is in my nature to never abandon a cake and to have the cake, shop, and eat it too. i am definitely feeling the love around me <3.

i just can't believe i have already lived 24 years of my life. as i reflect back, there are things that i realized are different as we all get older. so i wanted to make a list and see if you guys feel it too.

you are getting old if...
  1. the weather is no longer your friend. you no longer jump in joy when you hear a snowstorm is coming - it will mean a sucky commute to work and/or your car will need to be shoveled out. running and splashing in the rain is no longer on your agenda. awesome sunny days suck too because you are stuck at work.. ugh!
  2. comfort > beauty. i learned that it is not worth looking pretty if you can't breathe in the xxxs top or walk in the 4 inch heels. 
  3. you can no longer hang. pulling all nighters used to be fun! now i can't even keep my eyes open past 12AM.
  4. lounging at home with take-out and a movie is much more appealing than going to a bar often times...
  5. you get excited when you're reminded of things from your childhood. ex: tamagotchi's, duck hunt!!
  6. the clothes you wear now have more fabric! no more short shorts, mini tank tops, low rise jeans. there are exceptions though.. clubbing still = dresses/skirts above the knee!
  7. you start liking things you didn't like as a kid. ex: veggies, staying home
  8. i'm not sure if it is just me, but i like my food and drinks less sweet now.
  9. your to-do-list seems to keep getting longer and longer. there's always the never-ending bills to pay, and errands to run.
  10. hanging out with your friends seem increasingly harder the older we get because of everyone's busy lives and conflicting schedules.. but good friends will always make time for each other. 
 image from

 image from
    did you used to play with tamagotchi's and duck hunt?? LOL i played it in real life recently with a shotgun. you get to shoot discs just like in duckhunt! so what do you think?  is it true for you? what are other things that you've noticed??


      1. Hope you have a fabulous birthday. I loved tamagotchis and duck hunt!!! Those were my fav!


      2. i've reached the "old" part when i stopped coming home from bars at 7 in the morning as well as prohibiting myself some socializing.

      3. Getting old is only in our mind.
        Age never prevented people from doing things:

      4. erica - thanks babe!! hahah yea those were the 1st two to come to mind.

        christina - you're just too crazy! i actually feel like i socialize more now for some reason.

        whatwasdone - lol i'm not bothered by getting old at all. i was enjoying the moment of reminiscing and looking back at what has changed. i am definitely looking forward to the next chapters of my life.

      5. I loved reading this post! :) Happy Belated B-day Dear!!!

        Also, I can relate to almost everything above...except I still like really salty & really sweet stuff.

        Tamagotchi rocks my socks! I would be upset when I got the wormy-looking one b/c that was the one that always grew when you neglected it lol

      6. How sweet of the UPS person!! I wish all mail people were considerate like that. When my Coastal Scent palettes were delivered to my house, I think the guy dropped it or threw it because I heard a thump as I was walking to answer the door. {*GRR!}

        I completely agree with EVERYTHING you listed. We already had the talk about all the clothes and stuff, comfy > sexy, more fabric > less.

        I'm finding it so hard to keep my eyes open now! I was barely able to focus on the road when I was driving back from a girl friends house tonight around 11pm. We decided on just hanging out in sweats at her house to chat instead of going out. {*LOL} Manzzz... I do feel old. I can see everything on your list being true. I lounged around with the bf last night doing nothing but watching a movie and blogging. SO relaxing and SO nice. <3 I'm getting sleepy just thinking about how comfy it was.

        Take your time on the email! no rush! =P
        I know it took me awhile to respond and to get back to blogger. I won't be going anywhere. You can always find me through email. ^.^

        I remember playing with tamagotchi's and the duck hunt game! I was having a talk about virtual pets with my bf the other day. How it was so much fun and how even though they ended up getting banned from school you'd always sneak around to play during class. I didn't get to play the duck hunt game often. =( My older cousins were semi bullies. {*LOL} I was the youngest and they would always call dibs. The few times I got to play with it was when they found something else more new and interesting [that I wasn't allowed to play with.] {*HAHA} It's so funny looking back but I remember I was so sad back then.

        OH! and you guessed right on the first try! I did stay at Venetian. It was nice! Perfect for the 7 girls. The room at 2 beds and 2 sofas. Well 3 did end up squishing into one bed but it worked out fine. =P

        <3 Serena.

      7. GAH!!! Why are my comments on your blog always so long! =X Sorry.

      8. irene: thanks grlie =) LOL i remember i would neglect the thing if it grew up ugly haha.

        serena: i love your long comments! don't be sorryy and keep it up!

      9. Gosh! I remember those tomogachi pets :D I used to always want one but never had a chance to get the real brand...I always had some strange knock off! :p

        The Revlon photo finish foundation is great! I really love it. I'm usually not a fan of liquid makeup because it's heavy but I actually really love the Revlon one :D After reading so many reviews, I felt the need to try it as well :D

      10. lol i agree with your list of "you know you're getting older when.."! i can so relate! i used to have such a sweet tooth and now the slightest sweets makes me nauseous =_=

      11. Reread your list again and I felt that it's so true! :p I find it so funny that it applies to so much of me. I can't pull all nighters like I did before and it's not worth it to me to wear crazy stilettos and wearing an xxxxs tanks! :p I am so beyond past that stage. That and I don't fit into anything too small :p All the clothes I wear DO have more fabric. I guess I never noticed that until I read your post :p haha wow :p Drinks not too sweet, food not too salty, so true!!! :p

        The UPS person was super nice. Usually they are more thoughtful than USPS! Once a USPS man had a package for me and I heard a thump near my window! I was in the bathroom at the time and I feared he threw it @ my window!!! LOL

        I don't have a twitter account yet, but I will be opening one today! :p Everyone has it! LOL

      12. Great post an happy belated birthday!

      13. Love the idea of perfume to body mist idea! Never thought of that one before! Fabulous!

        xo have a great day


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