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Thursday, March 18, 2010

the blues ain't got nothing on me!

this was never really a holiday i observed or celebrated and it still isn't lol. the only thing i did was wear green (after my roomate told me to change), drink two sips of beer, and buy lucky charms cereal!

so i just wanted to do a quick post of an OOTD since it was so darn nice out yesterday that i wanted to take my camera out to play. i also stumbled upon H&M's the blues contest a little late, with only 2 days remaining. but looking at all the entries inspired me to enter and it was also because my closet is dominated with blues after my blue streak so it wouldn't be hard to just pick something out.
 esprit jacket, H&M top, zara shorts, payless shoes, helena de natalio bag

at first, it was me, my camera, and the garbage can that contributed to the pics, but then my roomate came home just in time and was able to take pictures for me! haha it was fun to pretend to be a model for 5 minutes. i'm still trying to submit a picture to lookbook for the contest, but i need an invitation code to join. does anyone have one for me? it would be greatly appreciated!

so what did you guys do for st. patty's day? and what's your favorite color to wear?

i was tagged by the lovely serena to do the "there's me tag." ok time's a wasting.. so here we go!

Three names I go by:
1. Christina
2. Chris
3. Cookie Monster
lol there's actually a lot but i guess those are the top three

Three jobs I have had:
1. Ice Cream Seller? not sure what to call the position, but all i know is i made little children and adults alike happy in the summer! (at Haagen Daz and Chinatown Ice Cream Factory)
2. Waitress (UNO's)
3. the Asian that was stuffed in the back of the stockroom @ Abercrombie.. i would say this was the worst job i've ever had lol

Three places I have lived:
1. Brooklyn, NY
2. Stony Brook, NY
3. and now i'm currently in Boston, MA

Three favorite drinks:
1. Thai Iced Tea
2. Avocado Milkshake/Papaya Milkshake.. couldn't choose between them
3. Ginseng Tea with honey
i guess these are my favorites right now, but they always change. i'm the kind of person that likes variety.. especially in food

Three TV shows I watch:
1. Desperate Housewives
2. How I Met Your Mother
3. Millionaire Matchmaker
i don't watch tv that much now, so there are no tv shows atm that i've been watching every episode of.. these are just the top 3 shows i would turn to if i saw it on

Three places I have been:
1. California
2. England
3. Shanghai
one of the million pictures i took in shanghai.. so pretty!

one of the things i miss most.. SHABU SHABU.. i'm drooling right now
<3 traveling

Three places I would like to visit:
1. Japan
2. Africa
3. Australia
<3 traveling 

Three people who text me regularly:
1. BF
2. Friend1
3. Friend2
lol BF is probably the only one that really texts me

Three favorite old TV shows
1. Recess! (the cartoon)
2. Jackie Chan (the cartoon).. lol i dunno if that was the title of the show
3. Friends

Three favorite dishes: (this one is too hard just to put 3!) <-- i agreeee!! who would even think of this Q?
1. Sushi- sashimi > rolls but love both <-- lol i will just leave this as it is
2. Pho!!
3. um soup.. lol just give me any kind of soup.. thanks!

Three makeup products I cannot live without:
1. eyeliner
2. Foundation [because it can be used as a concealer as well] <--- agree!
3. ?
to be honest, i only have 2 that i can really not live with out

Three things I'm looking forward too:
1. having a grand ole time with my favoritest people in the world next friday night! hopefully i will not be carried out by a bouncer or falling off tables this time lol. (it will be my birthday weekend :D)
2. moving back home...
3. Warmer weather so there will be more day play dates. <--- agree!! lol i bought so much summer/spring clothes lately.. so bring on the sun!!

you''ve been tagged!!
i feel like doing this right now lol.. good night!


  1. Great outfit and cute jacket! I love that color blue!!


  2. Hi sweety, thanks so much for tagging me! I will do this right away (: && I love your jacket! hehe nice of ur roomie to take pix for u hehe i wish my bf would do that...hahaha

  3. You're the sweetest!! I feel so bad that I haven't been online in a while I missed a couple of your posts. I'm catching up now heheheh!! I am intending on responding to your tags BTW.

    I just really wanted to express my gratitude towards your warm thoughts. It's easier to get by knowing that there's still genuinely good people like you out there. Smile!! You made my day!

  4. Hiii!! OMG I totally appreciate the lengthy comment ~~ and that BR recommendation was really nice! I love ruffle tops too as I find them feminine ^_^ You have really nice style, and I will definitely be going thru your blog for fashion tips! I don't have skinny pants for work, but I will try to find a pair. I'm pretty sure I can wear them to work, as I don't meet with any clients so they're a bit lax on what we wear.

    Have a super duper weekend!!

  5. *amy - thanks grl! :)
    *michelle - haha it feels weird to try to model in front of people you know though.. i just kept cracking up
    *sophia - i'm glad i helped a little! i 4got to add dresses are awesome to wear to work too! i've been on the look out for them lately.. the limited had some good ones.

  6. thanks for tagging me <3
    i actually finished that post but it got deleted :*( booo! so i will do it again soon :D

  7. Hi! just found our blog. I liked it.

  8. Such a great post. love the photos.

  9. Hi! you have amazing photos and great blog.

  10. I'm sad!! I've been neglecting blogging for awhile. Too busy with other stuff. {*BLEH}

    OKAY! So I am going to reply to all your comments blah blah blah then comment about your post. =]

    I've never read "i hope they serve beer in hell" but it does sound like it would be very entertaining. I think that will be the next book
    I add to my untouched books. {*HAHA} Like you I have a whole bunch of neglected books. It's one of the reasons I wanted to do the challenge. I'm failing at the moment though. {*BOOOO}

    I heard of the lighter and curler method but I'm really scared I'd burn my lashes off. I actually used hair dryer to heat up the curler but I'm trying to think of a method to curl my lashes while I have fiberwig on.

    I did feel overdressed! I thought because it was San Francisco that it would be windy and chilly but I was wrong. {*HAHA}
    Fiberwig is working well for me. As for holding the curl... I believe so. I don't bay much attention but in general I'm hooked. I've been neglected my other tubes of mascara. So horrible!

    The boots I got from BCBG but it's been awhile now. I got it during Christmas when they were having a 30% off plus 20% off or something? I don't think they have them around anymore. =/

    I love your outfit!! <3 <3 <3. I hope you were able to enter the contest. I feel the same way about my closet too! I've noticed that I have a lot of blues, grays, and blacks. It lacks color.

    Cookie Monster - Such a cute nickname. Do you have a sweet tooth or something? {*LOL}

    Asian stuffed in the back of Abercrombie stockroom - I always heard of stories but never thought I'd meet someone who'd have to experience. Hella WACK! [Yeah I busted out with my Norcal "hella"] Did you atleast use your discount? I remember how I used to love shopping there. Kind of out grew it though.

    Ginseng Tea with honey - Sounds oh so good. Although it seems a bit too warm of a drink for this nice weather. Maybe at night. =P My taste always changes as well but I've noticed I do stick to teas. I usually follow my cravings.

    Shanghai = LOVE. The good food, the shopping... HEAVEN!

    Recess! & Jackie Chan - I used to love watching these shows too!! I have to confess... I still watch these cartoons on the Disney channel whenever they are on. {*HAHAHA} Yeah.. I'm a big kid. I think I watch cartoons more than anything. If my TV is on, it's either on Nick, Cartoon Network, or Disney Channel 80% of the time. =X

    We definitely have a lot of things in common.. on top of our birthday. It's in less than a week! =DD What are you going to do?! Email me if you don't want to put it on blast.

  11. OOPS! =X It's such a lengthy comment. Well it will make up for how I've been missing and how I will be missing this coming week. This weekend I am VEGAS BOUND!!

  12. photo with you on the car is so cute...

  13. Hi! I give you an award. Visit here...

  14. Love how you put together the outfit! The blues are just incredible :D Love it!! :)


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