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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

you are beautiful

YAY two awards in one week! haha i feel so loved =) both from the lovely serena. thanks girlie!

1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award.
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4. Share 7 ‘interesting’ facts about yourself.
5. Nominate 7 other bloggers.

interesting fact #1 - i am a rice girl! other than the fact that i love to eat rice and am asian.. i also drive a red subaru hahah. it was my first car and i love it to death even though it is falling apart on me. i should really treat it to a car spa more often..
 like my hot ride? haha just add some bird poop, lots of salt stains, and tons of scratches and that's how my car looks like.

interesting fact #2 -
 picture taken from google images
it was christmas. i was little. probably 7 years old. my mom said i wasn't getting a present from santa this year because i've been a bad girl. i cried. then i started hating on santa =( it still hurts a little. lesson? moms shouldn't lie!!

interesting fact #3 - i went studying abroad in Shanghai, China in college and it was one of the best things i've done in my life. i think EVERYONE should go study abroad! i actually went with my boyfriend and was shocked that i was able to endure his face 24/7 for a month! lol seriously, we literally were with each other every minute of the days we were there. we woke up together, we snoozed in class together, we brushed our teeths together, we ate deliciously cheap food together, etc., etc. i miss Shanghai!! especially the KFC and hot pot restaurant there. KFC had awesome mushroom soup and egg tarts lol.
 oh how i miss thee!! i usually don't eat egg tarts, but these have flipped me into a tart lover.

interesting fact #4 - i am one of those organized messy people. you know what i mean? if you walked into my room, you would think "dam, what a pig!" but i'm organized in the fact that i know exactly where everything is.. until you touch or move something. i'm a little anal like that and don't like people touching my stuff. BUT i do have occasional periods where i clean like crazy and everything looks all nice and neat for maybe a day or two because i managed to find a new location to hide piles of stuff. i have WAY too much stuff and no space for it.. therefore i appear messy and i NEED a walk-in closet. ahh.. one day! sometimes when i watch the show about hoarders.. i feel a little worried.

interesting fact #5 - it seems that i will be going to Japan & Hong Kong soon, weee!! i can't wait! i am looking forward to these crazy kitkat flavors:
image from check out the site for MORE crazy flavors!

i am leaving 4/15. has anyone ever been? if you have been, i would love some traveling tips from you! you can email me via too =) what other cool things should i look out for besides cherry blossom kitkats??

interesting fact #6 - i have a worm in my stomach. i really think so. i am in love with food and eat very frequently. i consume probably 20000 calories a day. i eat when i'm hungry, when something that i never tried before looks delicious, when i'm bored, when i'm happy, when i'm sad, and especially when the food is free!

interesting fact #7 - maybe it's because i work in this field, but i always have this fear that i will have cancer. i remember watching baywatch and there was this episode that this girl (forgot her name) was having a picnic with her bf, who is a doctor, and then the bf suddenly realizes she has a big mole on her calf. he suggested to get it tested and as it turns out, it indicated that she had cancer. ever since then i was so afraid because i have that same mole on my calf! and it's pretty big too. then recently, i saw a small mole on the palm of my hand that i never seen before and got nervous. i went to the doc and they said it wasn't anything i should be worried about, but still! i worry. paranoid much?

i know one of the blog award rules is to tag 7 people, but i really think you are all beautiful in your own unique style. so if you're reading this.. I TAG YOU!!

GIVEAWAYS WOOHOO! (wishing one of them was a hawaii trip right now.. but these are just as good too!)
on a side note, one of my beautiful bloggers is having a giveaway. now, i normally don't wear nail polishes, but her giveaway is making me want to snatch it and paint it on my nails right this instant. the color is so pretty!
please check out fashion meets food don't you adore this title?

another beautiful blogger with the name of kate gene is giving away a set of honeycat cosmetics. it would absolutely be the frosting to my cake to have a sweet potatie pie bubble bath right now!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. sorry, I used my other account to comment :P

    >Thank you for giving me my first award :)
    Have you been to HK before? My boyfriend is there now...doing his masters!! That's why i havent seen him in so long :(. I LOVEEE so jealous you get to go :*( <


  3. OOhh... I'm planning to go to HongKong next year *^-^* haven't been there for 10 years or something :(!

  4. Oooh I love those Egg tarts from KFC (have them in HK too!) :)

    OMG I am soooo jealous going to HK AND Japan??? Where to? My fam lives in HK...but I haven't been back in 8 years. Can't wait to see pics!!! Have fun!

  5. I'm jealous!!! You drive a WRX?!?!!? I asked my dad for one as my first car, he said no and told me it's a guys car.
    Ironically the first car I learned stick in was a WRX. <3 <3 <3 [My parents were trying to bride me to stay close to home and go to a local school.]

    LOL @ 2. That's so sad. I never thought a child would ever hate on Santa. But I can understand why you did. {*HAHAHA}

    You're so lucky that you studied abroad. I think that's the #1 thing I regret not doing. I was in such a rush to graduate in 4 years that I took summer school every summer and didn't make time to study abroad.

    I'm the same with 4 and 7. Well for 7 I don't work in the field but I'm always paranoid that I have something or will get something.

    I wish 5 and 6. I want to go to Asia and I wish I could eat constantly.


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