anonimous beauty: a new beginning

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

a new beginning

happy new year!! so one of my new year's resolutions was to start a blog. and ta-da here i am! the bigger resolution is to start an online clothing store... but baby steps first. i chose the name anonimous beauty because well, beauty is anonymous. it has no name, no identity, and no possession. it is solely in the eye of the beholder. i believe that anything and anyone can be beautiful.. it is all in how you see it. that is why art and fashion is so subjective. my hope is that you will all get to know my style and come to like it. i'm definitely not a fashion expert. i'm just a fashion lover. i love looking at new styles and i especially love shopping. so i thought, why not share with the world all my great buys?? i'm not rich and i don't have a lot of money, but i do know how to find awesome buys aka inexpensive good quality items. so what should you be expecting from my blog you ask? pictures of my day-to-day wear, recent buys, daily/weekly updates on current sales/coupons, and much more. so stay tuned!!

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