anonimous beauty: why is winter so cold??

Thursday, January 07, 2010

why is winter so cold??

why is winter so cold in boston?? well here are some of my favorite winter wears that are keeping me warm and cozy this winter:

most comfortable winter boots in the world!! they're so furry and cute and waterproof too. i bought them maybe 2 years ago? they're from sporto and i think they were around 40-50$. and the jacket i bought recently from cole haan. it was on sale for $250. totally worth it. it's 80% down and so warm and cozy. it's really light and great for travel because it can convert into a pillow. it comes with the pillow cover too! i never liked bubble puffy jackets, but this one is just plain awesome.

this was the outfit i wore today. cute, sweet, cozy. the maroon sweater was on sale for $20 from hollister, belt from forever21 ($8?), grey tank top from express ($15), hat from a boutique in soho nyc ($17), and tights you can get pretty much from anywhere. i love these tights though because they are thicker than most and are warm enough to wear on its own. my mom had gotten it for me from her company. she is a pattern maker and gets dibs on some clothing whenever they are being made so i score these freebies sometimes. that's it for today. hope you guys like what you see!  

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