anonimous beauty: LeSportsac Runaway Duffle Bag in Splash review

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

LeSportsac Runaway Duffle Bag in Splash review

so today i finally got my LeSportsac bag! i have been looking for one for so long. i originally wanted the large weekender, but i couldn't find a color that i liked. if you've seen LeSportsac bags, you'd know how funky their designs are. they were either too plain or too crazy for me, but i've finally found THE ONE!

i got it on hautelook, an online sample sale i rave about almost every post, for $60 (retail = $120). the dimensions for this bag are: 16" wide x 9" long x 8" deep. if you've seen the weekender bags, this one is in between medium and large. i would say it's a little closer to medium though. it is absolutely perfect for a weekend getaway, especially for snowboarding/skiing trips. the fabric material makes it really easy to clean. another reason i insisted on getting a LeSportsac traveling bag is because of how light and roomy they are, yet stylish. i have some LeSportsac totes and though they might look small, they can fit so much. i decided to make a review video for it to showcase how much it can fit.

please excuse the constant sniffing! i'm sick and have a very runny nose. also, i thought i did a poor job of making it seem easy to pack because i only had one hand to actually do the packing while my other hand was holding the camera. if i had actually packed better, it wouldn't have looked so stuffed. somewhere in the middle, i realized my camera wasn't centered on the bag.. so you were mostly watching the floor and listening to me talk. my apologies! other than that.. i hope you enjoyed the review and i hope it helped you in someway or another!


  1. great review, makes me wanna buy a lesportsac for myself now

  2. OMG such a great bargain!! I never really looked into LeSportsac myself until they came out with the 'TOKIDOKI' line. Might be too crazy for you!! hehe You should try going to Woodberry commons, they had crazy sales for LeSportsac. It's soOoo worth the trip if you haven't gone yet!!

    BTW, thank you so much for the follow and the lovely comments. I truly helps me get through the day that someone as sweet as you took time to read through my blog to get to know me a little.


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